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Our courses are comprehensive, yet easy to grasp and 100% hands on so that each client will understand not only how the Forex and Crypto markets operate but so that they will perceive how to use the biggest contingency in their  lifetime to their advantage.


We aspire to create the opportunity for our clients to thrive in all areas of their lives, but especially on the financial level. We unfalteringly believe that each client firstly must gain a clear understanding of themselves by doing the strengthsfinder course which we recently introduced as an additional value-added service. This is an internationally accredited and renowned course. It was developed by the Gallup company and has been used extensively to train the CEO’s of corporate companies, staff, churches, seminars, students and many other groups and communities. It will assist clients to comprehend what their strengths are and to attain emotional wellbeing. This will enable them to execute self-control when transacting financial executions and in turn enhance their success as traders.


In the future we envisage working with and following in the footsteps of successful educational institutions. We are currently collaborating with Varsity College SA and firmly believe that the courses we offer will prepare young people to overcome the challenges with regards to the educational system and to address and alleviate social challenges like poverty, and unemployment by equipping them to step into the world of entrepreneurship.



this is what you get from us.



5 000


- Learn important Chart Patterns

- Learn Powerful Trading Strategies


·       Crypto currency Study Guide

·       Client File:

·       FXCap Pen, USB Memory Stick

·       Certification of Completion

·       3 x 2hour Sessions with FXCap Expert


Account Setup of:

·       Luno your local Wallet

·       Binance

·       Bitrex

·       Bitstamp

·       Exodus

·       Youtube for daily info

·       Coinagy


You will learn:

·       Sending & Receiving BTC

·       BTC Charts

·       Charts support, Resistance, RSI, Fibonacci, Elliot wave Theory and candlesticks

·       Top 10 coins

·       How to invest in Crypto

·       How the crypto markets work

·       Where is crypto headed

·       Powerful Trading strategies

·       Chart patterns


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10 000


- Learn important Chart Patterns

- Learn Powerful Trading Strategies


·       Identifying your top 5 STRENGTHS

·       Forex Study Guide

·       Client file

·       FXCap Notepad, Pen , Flash Drive

·       Cigar

·       Account manager

·       2x One on one with a Crypto expert

·       3 Months online training &

·       Hand-on mentorship at your home

·       Certification of Completion

·       Trading plan


Account Setup of:

·       Meta Trader virtual demo account

·       Live trading account

·       Youtube account for daily info

·       Brokers

·       Zoom for online video


You will learn:

·       What trading is all about

·       The four quandrants

·       What moves the market

·       What is Forex Trading

·       Types of Analysis:

·       Technical Analysis

·       Fundamental Analysis

·       Trends

·       Support & Resistance

·       Candlestick Patterns

·       Fibonacci Retracements

·       Moving Averages

·       Powerful Trading Strategies

·       Trade Planning & Money Management

·       Open a trade account

·       Funding account

·       FICA

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13 000


Crypto Educational Course

Forex Educational Course


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